Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza

My family loves Lou Malnati’s pizza.  It’s the best, hands down.  You can’t compare it to any other pizza.  Doing so is like comparing apples to oranges.  Lou’s is in a league of it’s own, and unfortunately, it’s only available in Chicago (unless you want to pay $40 to have one shipped to you frozen).  I feel … Continue reading

Caprese Salad

It’s a warm summer evening.  The sun is low in the sky and shining through the window.  I spent the day running errands, cleaning house, and jogging.  I’m all showered now, and  sitting down to drink  a cool glass of sparkling wine and enjoy this deceptively light dish for supper.  I just love the memory this … Continue reading

Chicken Tikka Masala

When I was growing up, we were pretty much a meat and potatoes family.  We did Italian, Mexican, Cajun, hotdogs, fishsticks, and pork & beans (I don’t know what nationality those food items fall under).  I didn’t try Chinese, Thai, or Indian until I was an adult.  My first Indian food experience was when I was roughly 16 … Continue reading